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August 24, 2020

Aramex Home-Based Entrepreneurs Campaign

Covid-19 brought a whole new mindset. It seems that the entire planet came to a standstill, and was forced to think about our history, our impact, and our future. We started to see the authentic side of celebrities, the weaknesses of politicians, and the true values of large and small corporate institutions.

The “LIKE” wave is officially over! Consumers base their purchase decisions on a foundation of TRUST!

Launching the Aramex Home-Based Entrepreneurs Campaign

Covid-19 caused many to lose their jobs, forcing them to reinvent themselves and resuscitate their income generation by starting a small business. One of the most important considerations for these
“pandemicpreneurs” is to have a TRUSTWORTHY distribution partner to help them building a lean and mean small business in times when competition is tough, and cash-flow is scarce.

The main objective of this campaign was to connect with Home-Based Entrepreneurs (and their customers) and to participate in their journey as they were starting and/or growing their small business.

The strategy was to introduce the Aramex Store-to-Door Service to them as a national distribution channel, so that they could:

Experience the Aramex simplicity
Experience the Aramex process

While creating Connection and Impact which would:Build

Create Positive Referrals

Showing empathy and support

Part of the strategy was to “hero” the Store-to-Door concept, but also create awareness for all the home-based entrepreneurs involved. These brave entrepreneurs become role models for those that would follow their journey – and perhaps even adopt this strategy in their own business.

Digital strategy

MicroHub captured the storyline of each connection in video format. We intentionally kept it as authentic as possible, so that it would be REAL, RELEVANT and RELATABLE to a broad audience.
Content was shared in all role player social streams which tripled the exposure.

The result

With this campaign Aramex did not only PITCH their service to home-based entrepreneurs, but also actively PARTICIPATED in their business value chain and the experience of their customers.