SA Big5K
November 18, 2020



Our Wine2Biz Campaign encourages South African Wine Farms to VIRTUALLY CONNECT with Businesses across South Africa who are interested in CONNECTING with, EXPERIENCING and PURCHASING SA Wines directly from our distinguished Wine Makers. The experience allows each business panel to create an exclusive event for their staff or valued clients, and do a virtual wine tour from the comfort of their own boardroom - wherever they are situated in the country. The Virtual Wine Tasting allows the Wine Maker to share insights into the Wine making process and discuss each of the selected Wine varietals in more detail, while guests have an opportunity to see, touch, smell, and taste the delicious varieties.


Wine2Biz facilitated virtual connections for two esteemed Wine Farms recently. Our first tasting took place in Klerksdorp between Neethlingshof Estate and the agricultural trading company, Ultimate Theta Solutions. The tasting was attended by directors and senior personnel of the company and they thoroughly enjoyed this "first-time-ever experience". The Graham Beck Cap Classique Collection was a magnificent hit with guests of Potchefstroom firm, Meyer Van der Walt Attorneys. Hosted by Graham Beck Cellar Master, Pieter Ferreira, guests received an educational look into the art of crafting the perfect Bubble while they were poured a beautiful glass of each celebratory genius.


What do our participating brands gain from the Wine2Biz experience? Our campaigns center around experience, fun, sharing of information and creating a platform where we can transform USERS into FANS of our customer products. Meeting them (the consumer) where they are, means that your brand gains the opportunity to change the PITCH to PARTICIPATE. At this touchpoint, you are able to directly connect with, and delight potential consumers in a relaxed and non-threatening environment as can be seen below.