We innovate, develop and grow micro-entrepreneurship business models

Then train, setup and ignite micro-entrepreneurs

Which problem do we solve?

We live an in interactive and interconnected economy where it is easier to open a new business than ever before, but the majority of start-ups still fail.

The MicroHub Solution

MicroHub offer a low-risk process to;

1. Ensure micro-entrepreneurs have a foundation of best practice business skills before engaging in business
2. Launch a low-risk micro business with a unique selling proposition and exclusive area rights
3. Have a strategy to ignite the business to create awareness and impact in the specific niche market
4. Offer continuations support to grow the business and exceed in customer expectations

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Business Training

Enrol for a 6 month Online Course in Fundamental Business Skills - Bridge to Business. Receive a Competency Certificate from the Stellenbosch University on successful completion. During the training process you will have access to 10 business coaches for advice and support. Implement your best practice knowledge and launch your own micro-business.

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Invest in a Micro Business Model

Invest in one of the MicroHub Business Models to activate in your geaographical area. Receive Business Model Specific training and prepare to launch your micro- business

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Ignite your Micro-Business

Open and ignite your micro-business with a launch strategy

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Business Support

Amplify growth by making use of support structures and best practice advice to grow your micro-business