Community Marketing Agency


Activating Marketing Strategies
in more than 100 community hubs across South Africa

How we Do things

After a thorough briefing process, our Community Marketing Specialist get together for a focus group discussion. Here we match target markets and objectives with community connection points, media and creative to develop a sound strategy to be translated into an actual plan. Campaigns are optimized to be real, relevant and relatable to each community.

Why US

We influence communities to interact with campaigns, understand their meaning and act on their message. We understand how the use of appropriate experiential marketing can connect people to a business or brand.

Collaborative Platforms
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What makes us Unique

We help clients to:

Change Pitch into Participate

Contribute like the Experts they are

Communicate with Authenticity

Advertise in a New and Different Way

Drive Growth in making Connections


When marketing is honest and transparent
it sparks deep reflection and conversation.
In industry terms, authenticity is the key to customer engagement.


We offer footprint of more than 100 Community Hubs
each managed by a Community Marketing Specialist

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