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Our Why

Modern Consumers only TRUST
Products and Brands that are

Real and Authentic

Relevant in Context

Relatable in their Micro Economy

Our Approach

Making use of the flywheel model in your marketing strategy has a huge advantage in business. It helps to turn customers into BRAND FANS that are activated to help grow the brand. The model also makes marketing honest and transparent, and creates REAL, RELEVANT and RELATABLE content which can spark sincere reflection and conversation which ultimately results in customer engagement.

Our Skills




Strategy is the starting point of any marketing initiative. It is important to know what you want to achieve and find creative ways to realize your marketing goals. Strategy includes identifying who you want to communicate to, what you want to communicate to them and how you will go about doing it step by step, within the budget you are prepared to spend. A well-defined and executed brand strategy can affect all aspects of a business, and it answers to your consumer needs and emotions. As with any strategy you may need to use numerous marketing activities to achieve a single goal. A purely social media driven campaign may not be the answer and you may need to diversify and spread your marketing budget to include other impactful activities such as one-to-one campaigns. We assist our clients to explore alternative marketing options. Our goal is to find creative solutions that facilitate REAL, RELEVANT and RELATABLE brand connection with users and potential users and ultimately translate mere users into a FAN base with longevity.

Brand experience
Platform & positioning
Trends & insights
Content planning
Go-to-market strategy


A great marketing strategy is the one that connects all your marketing activities and messages consistently. It starts with your brand identity. Consistently putting you brand into the world in a simple and striking manner is the winning recipe. We assist businesses to formulate new brand identities in a creative and consistent manner. A striking logo, and eye catching branded items says that you are serious about business even before you start telling your ideal customers who you are and how you can change their world.

Strategy & naming
Brand identity
Art direction
Visual design
Illustration & iconography


We can all agree that the world of the consumer is a very busy one. Consumers are bombarded with images and communication all day, every day. Producing well designed, high-end print and online communications not only helps to break through the clutter, but makes a statement. Design goes further than just pretty pictures and fonts. Communicating with your customers in a clear and effective way requires every advertisement, pamphlet, brochure, website and form to be thoughtfully crafted in both word and imagery.

Brand collateral
Annual reports


Any business that wants to be taken seriously in this modern age needs to understand the importance of an online presence. Not only can your website or digital product assist to make a positive impact on prospective customers, it can help you address numerous business processes such as customer relationship management, finance and online sales. Our world is changing. To survive in an online world, you have to have a simple but effective online presence. We offer end-to-end digital product design, development and support.

Creating fresh, strategically targeted and working platforms is a priority. With this in mind our approach is flexible and consultative. Being flexible means that no matter where you are in the process, or what your needs are, we can assist – from identifying and solving business problems to planning experiences and building solutions.

Our websites operate seamlessly across all devices and deliver an exceptional user experience.

Web & mobile
App design
Ux / Ui design

Social Media

In keeping with the times one cannot ignore the significance and influence of Social Media in business. Direct sales, print media, TV or radio advertising, and merely having a website is just not enough anymore. To effectively reach your ideal target audience, you have to be seen where your audiences are. More importantly, you have to find authentic ways to connect virtually and build support online on the Social Media platforms that are most relevant to you. In our opinion, they are not one-size-fits-all. Crafting your Social Media plan with the correct message and design to attract attention and make an impact can be tricky and time consuming. We offer our Social Media management services for this exact reason. Whether campaign driven or maintaining your online presence, we carefully construct and manage a Social Media plan to suite your communication needs and budget.

Social Media Management
Paid Social Media Advertising
Influencer outreach
Campaign Creation
Audience Research

Content Creation

Consistently creating new and impactful content for various marketing activities within your strategy takes enormous effort, time and creativity. So, finding a team with a broad base of marketing skills, resources, creativity and spunk who can put your ideas into action, is a wonderful resource to have. Content should be strategic, consistent, clear, interesting and impactful. We aspire to assist our clients in creating messages that are truthful, engaging and easily shared by followers and fans. The benefits of relevant and carefully crafted content available to you at any time far outweigh the expenses incurred.




Campaign Activation

One of the best ways to ensure connection with current and prospective consumers is through campaign activation. Running your own targeted campaign or joining an already formulated campaign that suits your marketing strategy can have many benefits. Apart from generating fresh and relevant content for your social media platforms, you can put your product or service in the hands of the consumer so that they are able to experience it on a personal level and provide valuable feedback. Sensory marketing is key for any consumer product. How will anyone know of your product or service, know if they like your product or service, prefer it to a competitor offer or even if they would purchase or use it again if they have never tried it? Campaign activations provide an opportunity to target specific audiences with specific products and services and allow them to engage with the brand in a fun and interactive, as well as memorable way. See our calendar of pre-planned annual campaigns for more information or contact us to develop a bespoke campaign just for you.

Activation Campaigns
Social Media Campaigns
Email Campaigns
Event Campaigns
In-store Campaigns


How well do you know your ideal customer? Are you positioning your products in the best portion of the market? Are your customers happy with your products and services or are there areas that you can improve on? Do your customers have needs that you have overlooked but may have a solution for that could open an entirely new market? These are the questions that a well planned and executed research campaign can answer for you. In consultation with our specialist team you are able to tap into the unknowns of your business environment, learn more about your direct competitors and consumer behaviors that may benefit your strategic positioning. Reports are formulated for ease of understanding and learning, while insights guide clients to practical implementation and adjustment where needed. Research complexity is completely up to you. Our services include basic consumer feedback but can be constructed to investigate areas as immersive as internal procedures, distribution, customer satisfaction, consumer behavior and positioning.

Consumer Experience Research
Workflow Research
Competition Analysis
Consumer Awareness Research
Internal Research

PR and Connection

PR and Connection helps your business to clearly communicate your mission, vision and goals with a widespread audience. It clarifies to your audience who you are, what you do and why you do it. People connect with people. They connect with the "personality" of a businesses and are drawn to communities that are like minded. Our human nature is to gravitate towards those that we feel a sense of belonging with, and who we believe share our values and beliefs. In connection marketing we believe that to truly connect with your desired audience, you need to be consistently REAL, RELEVANT and RELATABLE. You want you consumers to choose you every time they come across a choice between you and another provider. You want users to become FANS that buy into your message as much as they buy into your products and services. Your consistency creates TRUST and trust creates true and valuable CONNECTION. In turn, true connection facilitated the most rewarding ROI - your moving flywheel.

In the past year we have found many businesses that are battling to connect with their consumers in micro-communities. Our unique business model and culture allows us to offer businesses a REAL connection point where they may not have one in a particular area of business. Our Hub structure puts a body in each micro-community who can represent and assist your business to stay connected with the consumers you wish to serve there but for some reason cannot.

Press Releases
Media Liaison
Speaker Opportunities
Personal Profiling
Crisis Management
Internal Communications


Adding value to your consumer is of the utmost importance when building a relationship with them. This is a way of giving back and ensuring that consumers understand your product and service well, and are able to share their experience and expertise of your product or service with others that may be in the market for the same results. Continuous staff training and development is another area that will reap great rewards for your organisation. With minimal effort your staff can be trained in standard operating procedures, tasks and more with the click of a button and a secure internet connection. We have developed our very own Training platform that allows for multiple training programmes to be uploaded and completed by individuals virtually anywhere in the world.

Training Content Development
Micro Training Implementation
Consumer Training
Inhouse Training

Event Management

Event Management is a specialist skill and excellent resource for any business to utilize as needed. A strategically aligned and well arranged event can have many benefits for your business. If done well, events help with market positioning, they can create a platform to gather serious sales leads, communicate appreciation and support for your customers, facilitate training and development as an added benefit to your products and services or help you to gather important feedback about your business and its products. Physical events are fantastic for one-to-one connection but strategically focused online events have become very popular in recent days. The principles of event coordination and management remain the same for both. If you are a small to medium sized businesses that cannot employ for this skill specifically, our unique hub of resources can help you facilitate effective, high-end events. Through our own campaigns we also offer clients the opportunity to become involved with events that are suited to their strategic needs, allowing lead generation and research opportunities.

Sport Events
Connection Events
Online Events

Sales Pipeline, Warehousing and Delivery

We understand that getting as much of your product to potential consumers as possible, is the highest goal in business. In saying this, we believe that we are able to close the gap between customer engagement and the eventual sale. Through consistent and aligned connection marketing efforts and tapping into our unique business model and culture, our goal is to keep your flywheel spinning. We want to connect you to your ideal customers, connect your ideal customers with your solutions and products, and create a consistent flow of ROI between the two. We are closing the consumer gap for businesses that have excellent products but lack the footprint to facilitate ideal distribution.

Area Hub Distribution
Go-to-market strategy

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