Aramex Home-Based Entrepreneurs Campaign
August 24, 2020

The New Life Microgreens REBOOT

MicroHub has been involved with New Life Micgrogreens since the launch of this unique business in 2018. Our MicroHub team mainly assisted with the NLM digital foundation but has slowly grown into being part of their day-to-day business strategy.

The main income stream of the business is to deliver edible décor to hotels and restaurants. In 2019, their customer base expanded to include all the leading hotels in the Cape Town, and Winelands area.
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Delivering edible décor to the hospitality sector

The Covid Challenge

New Life Microgreens came to a complete standstill because of the Covid-19 Lockdown. The entire hospitably industry halted their operations. Like all the other players in this industry, they were forced to re-think their business model.

A New Strategy

There was always an opportunity to sell Microgreens directly to households. NLM had already developed a product which would enable consumers to grow their own Microgreens at home, but the challenge was to show how extremely simple the process is. Growing your own Microgreens, in your own kitchen, is still a new concept for many and would require a mindset shift.

Both MicroHub and the client re18alised that the OPPORTUNITY was in this CHALLENGE and the solution was clear:

The Covid-19 lockdown forced many people to make use of virtual workshop and meeting platforms which provided access to new consumers, far and wide, with no geographic boundaries.
There has never been a better time to maintain a healthy diet. With Microgreens being a superfood, it made sense to start a movement of consumers who would be growing Microgreens in their own kitchens.
MicroHub assisted in the development of a Virtual Workshop which includes the purchase of the Microgreens Starter Kit, and an online session which helps the “grow-it-at-home” fans to get started.

It is an all-in-one strategy!

Connect with your customers
Participate in their wellbeing
Build long lasting relationships
Facilitate a foundation of Trust

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A Successful Result

NLM has successfully completed more than 30 online workshops. They are slowly but surely building a community and customer base across South Africa, who share their vision. The next step for New Life Microgreens is to develop a workshop for children.

With Covid-19 restrictions reducing now, they can slowly return to business as usual and rebuild the edible décor income stream they started their business with.

Not only have these strategies helped NLM to survive the lockdown, but it provided them with the opportunity to be creative and much more diverse in their product offering going forward.